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Recent Bad Electronics Luck PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vincent Diamante   
Thursday, 11 December 2008 00:12

I've been having bad luck with electronics lately.

In the last three months, I've had: a defective camera lens, a crashed hard drive, a new hard drive DOA, a broken computer monitor, an Xbox 360 red ring of death, a faulty cell phone d-stick, a broken flash card reader, a damaged sound card ouput, and a bad point and

shoot camera sensor.

Edit: And how could I have forgotten about my DSL modem, which broke on the same day that there was a wide area cable internet outage?  (I have both for the redundancy... *sigh*)

Have I done something to offend the electronics gods?

Comments (5)
1 Saturday, 18 September 2010 19:51
Yo. I seem to have the same curse as well.

I am noticeing a pattern where as if a certain type of personality attracts bad luck for electronics as every electronic I have had breaks down within a year.

I also tend to (whatever word I am looking for that means to push people away like a barrier) when it comes to people for no reason as soon as I get to the point where people will start to know my personality. :(

It's like an ego inflation curse.
2 Tuesday, 05 October 2010 03:19
Whenever I show any attatchment no matter how small the universe seems to be greedy to make me feel flustered in ways that I cannot describe.

I now not be attached and accept I can never get what I want or have what I want when I cannot enjoy it. :(
3 Sunday, 17 October 2010 05:20
I may be the cause of my own problems.

Whenever I praise somebody or something that praise tends to back-fire and I don't know how to prevent that from happening or reverse it when I don't want the person or thing affected.

I wish my parents weren't half atheists or my luck would be better as they don't believe in curses or unsual stuff even when evidence is in their face as they try to confuse me if I confront them.
4 Thursday, 16 December 2010 22:44
Still having the same bad luck problems and I find out it's better to have no hope then false (or dangerous?) hope which causes us to do destructive things to our souls and we wonder why the same s--t keeps happening.

Example A to any wanderers reading this but feeling the vibes to not respond:

In 2005 and 2008 I installed 2 different version of Flight Simulator and when I try to fly the airplane during the instruction test my airplane spins to the left and I wind up having to end the session quickly.

I tried to get help online and was very polite/to the point but my post was either ignored or I got non-helpful advice in which I was better off takling to a room FULL OF MONKEYS!!.

I have now learned since then to be wary of things that seem too good to be true in my intrests.
I also have since given up on Flight Simulator until I am given true hope and this false hope crap out of my life

(charges a positive aura spell)

I wish anybody else who is cursed with electornics good luck to overcome their blockage in order to force a connection with The Divine spirit.

Obviously some of us are suppose to have as little to do with technology as possible.
5 Thursday, 16 December 2010 22:46
I don't check here because I don't expect luck to allow me knowledge if anybody reads let alone cares about my spiritual advice in dealing with life's illusions that I have learned thru conditioning.

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