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Why this photo? Really? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vincent Diamante   
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 09:14
Fanime 2008

One simple question: Why is this photo so ridiculously popular?  Why is it the most visited photo on my flickr photostream?

It seems that every day, this photo gets a couple dozen hits.  Despite being less than a year old, it has far more hits than many more interesting photos in the photostream, like this close-up Anonymous photo from a Scientology protest, or various photos that have made their way into articles on Wired's or Gamasutra's websites.

If the stats are to be believed, nearly all the traffic for that photo comes from search engines.  Looking specifically at the Google breakdown, the most popular searches are:

  • death the kid cosplay
  • soul eater cosplay
  • soul eater
  • maka cosplay
  • cosplay soul eater
  • etc...

So I go onto Google image search and try these searches... yep.  There's my photo, first row of image results.

Ah well.

It's kind of annoying.

I guess Soul Eater is the new something something...


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