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Things Read, Things Missed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vincent Diamante   
Saturday, 27 September 2008 00:47

Things I've read:

Not only is [the Asus Radeon HD 4850] a cornucopia of

graphical goodness, with roughly twice the memory bandwidth and shader power of
the Radeon HD 4670, but it has an historically implausible archer chick surrounded by rose petals on it. Just looking at it, I feel calm and                    怪侠欧阳德》欧阳奋强》欧阳震华:恐怖故事 - 湖北11选5推荐号码,甘肃11选5号码遗漏,陕西11选5号码推荐 secure, though slightly aroused.

Wii Music is the closest video game ever to become ‘art’.  (his emphasis)

Things I've missed:

  • The San Francisco Valkyria Chronicles event.  There aren't too many games that I truly dork out over.  Valkyria Chronicles (or Senjou no Valkyria, if you insist) is one of those games.  Easily the best Sega game in years and probably my favorite of
    this current generation of
    games.  I briefly considered shirking responsibilities today so that I could go to
    this pre-release event and... oh, I don't know.  Meet the
    producer?  Grab some swag?  Hang out with some girl friends who happened to
    be at nearby Yaoicon?  Since I couldn't, I guess I'll just read Dom's take on the entire thing while I send sad emoticons his way...
  • Juno Reactor.  They were in Los Angeles over the last two days, conducting a meet and greet and giving a concert... and I had no idea.  Apparently they were second billing on
Note to
self: stop missing things...!
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