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Written by Vincent Diamante   
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 10:42
My video card is borking...

I've been having some really horrible problems with my computers lately.  As soon as I got my sound card responding properly courtesy of a software upgrade, my video card starts glitching out.  Once I've got my hard drive situation squared away, Windows starts borking at me and refusing to search.  It's pretty fun stuff, as you can imagine.

So, while my current music output has dropped far more than acceptable, it has been pretty interesting going through my old music output as I make my way through the burgeoning archive of: stuff.  Here's a couple of interesting things.

SKL-SATI.IT (MP3 version) is an Impulse Tracker file from 1998.  Yeah, I was in that crew of guys trying to make more performed acoustic-sounding music from MOD files.  I was decidedly less successful than others, but hey, we all got to start somewhere, right?  (And yeah, I'm not going to show you the stuff from before this.  That stuff was just sad...)

MD-6.IT (MP3 version) was another mod I did a bit earlier, probably around 1997.  I can't find the original file, but as you can hear it's pretty simple.  If it says anything about me it's: I learned early on to love extremely short loops and I was definitely big on emulating the Sakimoto orchestra sound back in the day.

From 1999 on to about 2002-2003, I didn't really do any music writing.  I was focused more on school work, piano, and basic undergrad survival.  I did have some audio equipment around, as I was doing this snail-like transition from MOD music to MIDI music, but quite honestly, I didn't do anything really cool there.  (I did write some piano solo pieces around this time, but those have been lost, sadly.  Sometimes before writing those pieces, I'd sketch the piece out in Impulse Tracker... yeah, wacky, I know...)  

melon.mp3 is a doodle I did sometime around 2003.  By this time, I had given up on Cubase 5 and did a competitive upgrade to Sonar 2.  It's pretty rough around the edges (for me, the uneven velocities that I never cleaned up really scream at me), but it's not bad.

Some other things I did around this time include: herotheme4.mp3, 20041014_chase_a.mp3, clarinet.mp3, and deliberation.mp3.  The first two pieces were standard random crap while the latter two were among the first things I did for short films and TV.  Besides the fact that they're still not that great, you can see some hints at what may be my most defining characteristic: horrible song naming.

Let's end this post with some of the first music I did for interactive.  In my first year of grad school, I did some stuff for an interactive fiction with The Labyrinth Project and Lynn Hershman.  To this day, I have no idea actually what happened with that project (as soon as they stopped asking me for stuff, I immediately focused my attention on RFID-Flash integration and arcade cabinets as interactive sculpture, no joke) but I made a bunch of music and sound effects for it.

lynn1_c.mp3 and lynn2_c.mp3 aren't bad.  I'm not sure if they really sound Lynn Hershman, but they're definitely more naturally me than any other stuff I had done to this point.  I've toyed around with the idea of returning to lynn1 and giving it a score and not just a sequence rendered courtesy of an Akai CD of Miroslav Mini.  (Oh man, did that Miroslav Mini CD influence the way I write.  To this day, those old school Miroslav sounds are the center of my virtual orchestra...)

So that's basically my music pre-video games in a nutshell.  My computer is still being horrible (installing Windows Vista as we speak) so there might be more coming this way.  I'm hopeful the next time I put some music on here, it will be new stuff!

(Edit: Oh crap... I just discovered Schism Tracker and now I'm rediscovering all these old MODs and S3Ms I did... man, some of these really weren't bad!  yeah, that's definitely for the next update...)


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