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Written by Vincent Diamante   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 14:57
IMD Senior Thesis Show 2009

So earlier I had shown off some old music.  There were some other ones that I just found that I figured I'd put in a separate post.  Well, here's that post:

ray7.it (MP3 file) was a reaction to Working Designs's reveal of their English opening to the Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn game.  Besides showing off the actual OP song, Vic Ireland also showed a joke version that had the singer rocking out.  Me, I LIKED the joke version, and felt just a little bit of adjusment would push the people on rec.games.video.sega.saturn (any of you guys remember newsgroups?) to understand my position.  I did some EQ on the music, sliced it up a bit, placed it into Impulse Tracker, then added some steel guitar and extra drums to punch up the song.

md-1-1.s3m (MP3 file) was another song from 1998 that made me realize how much I enjoyed writing loops more than songs with beginnings and endings.  It actually has a pretty good sound and groove, and the flute sounds pretty natural.  In the MP3 version, you can hear it with the song looping a bit in standard Japanese game OST style.  Like last time, note how I can't come up with a good song name for the life of me.

1_.it and 2_.it (1_.mp3 and 2_.mp3) had me trying to write music for the game that was in my head.  Of course that game was an RPG, me being infatuated with things like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 (6 for you hardcore folk), and as I've established before, I really enjoy loops.  Loops, orchestral, RPG, can't think of names, etc.

Now I personally don't remember ever making tm1.it (MP3 file).  Obviously unfinished and pretty rough sounding, but after finding it, laughed out loud (yes, this is different from LOL) because of just how generic it sounds.  Yeah, I definitely didn't always write winners.  (Not to say that I always write winners now...)

I'll do another music update later on.  Maybe you'll think it's better than this stuff, maybe not... but at the very least, I can promise that it's not more than 10 years old...


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